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Thank you!!! I actually ordered it last night and it's already shipped. So excited to experiment with it! Is there a learning curve? The youtube videos (of course) make it look so simple!
I just found a thread from a few weeks ago comparing the two...I commented on it so it's been bumped up, but here's the link just in seems that cake lace is definitely better!
I came across this shop on Etsy and just wanted to be sure it's the same product before I shipping!!! It seems to be the same, but y'all said you cannot order anywhere in the US...just wanted to be sure!
How long is it supposed to take to get there? I'm doing a wedding shower cake at the end of the month and am wondering if I have enough time to order and figure it out before I need to do the cake...let me know how you like it!
Thank you! I really am flattered but if you saw my cakes in person you can tell my technique really needs improvement. I feel like I get worse with every cake I do but maybe that's a sign that I'm learning more, who knows!
Has anyone here used Claire Bowman's cake lace and mats? I'm wondering how they compare to Sugarveil? Her mats look more ornate than Sugarveil's and seem to be more reasonably priced. Would appreciate feedback. Thanks!
HA! I didn't even notice, thanks for pointing that I just want to be sure I'm understanding correctly - if I enter the wedding cake category, that means I don't have to stick to the Glitz theme, correct? The Glitz theme is only for people who enter that category?
The theme is greeting cards, but maybe I'm confused - the categories you can enter are Wedding cakes, Greeting Cards (and it says to display the card you used as inspiration), buttercream only, and special occasions - so I thought that meant you only go with the greeting card theme if you're entering that category. Here's the event page: What do you think??
Thank you so much, that's sweet! I've done tons of cakes since the ones I've uploaded but haven't put them in my albums because I wasn't thrilled with them (and really some of the ones I have uploaded shouldn't be on here, lol). I always try new techniques with each cake but my execution really needs to be cleaned up. I feel like it's still on the amateur level but maybe it's because we're our own worst critics. Also, how many tiers should I be going for? I'm assuming at...
Well, she just wrote me back and said I can decide which division to enter. A little odd but at least I did my part by asking. Amateur it is!
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