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Thank you so much. I guess when I changed the website around I deleted that and didnt notice. Again thank you for pointing that out. Heidi
Thanks guys...I'm going to stick to his pricing then, $3 its is!! (I hate to admit when he's right) hee hee
Just a little update on this topic. Those darn postcard have gotten me two weddings(My First) and a complaint letter saying I owe a certain someone $53.00 for cleaning!! Oh boy...Heidi
Hi everyone, Im going to be selling cupcakes at a small carnival tomorrow. I m going to be the only vendor with sweets/cupcakes. Im also going to be selling cake pops. I figure this is a great way to hand out flyers My question is how much would you charge for a regular swirl cupcake at a carnival. My DH says $3 for the cupcakes and $2 for the cake pops. Please give my your opinion!!!
This website is good too
Here is one way...Hope this helps!
Thank you so much..I tried my best to work on it the best I can without having to spend money I don't have lol. I will def take all your suggestions into consideration. Again thank you!!
[b]@ CWR41 WOW!!! Thank you so much...I will be making those changes.
Goodness, your super sweet, I absolutely love that idea about (cake eaters anonymous) I just turned and told my hubby about it! Definitely looking into that. I always stood out like a sore thumb anywhere I go...Im going to post a pic just to show that I really don't mix in anywhere I go around where I live lol.....So I sort of wanted my business to be the same. I love being the sore thumb, it made me different. Thank you for taking the time out to make this recommendation...
Thank you so much for all your advice..I've been taking everyones advice and trying to do a little of this and a little of that. Please check out my page again...I updated it. Revamped it completely!! =)
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