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Hi there, quick question how did u link the logo under ur pic to you Facebook page???
Whats everyone's suggestion is the best way to smooth RKT so its not so bumpy when covered with Fondant??? What works best for you?? Also, to build a head on a 3d Dino do u suggest RKT or Modeling chocolate??? Thanks for all the help and suggestions.Heidi much to take in...I think I'm more confused then when I started...funny thing is I was taking votes while I was gone and I came up with Sweet Cake Fetish!!! Whatever it is its going to have fetish...I really do appreciate all the input and opinions...Whatever your reply was to my question I took it all in and came up with that....Hopefully it doesn't offend anyone...I too believe that a fetish is an obsession or a fixation and thats EXACTLY what I have for what I...
lol thats too funny...i saw the Movie! Thank you for your opinion love it!!
Oh thank you!!! I really do love that name..
I'm in New Jersey, and believe it or not in my area there's not allot of bakery who work with 3-D or sugar art cakes. I absloutly love the name but I'm afraid it might also send a wrong torn. Love your business name and that it has a whole story behind it. I'm Egyptian married to a Cuban lol. If I don't go with that name I was thinking of incorporating something from the middle east side of me in to my name....aghhh so confused lol
Hi All,I wanted to change the name of my still non established home bake shop. I wanted to name it"Cake Fetish", but my hubby says that that name is too raunchy? What does everyone think??Thanks for replying!!
Thank you!
I recently got an order(My nephew's 4th birthday) for a The Land Before Time cake, Now I have a few Ideas but I'm having a really really hard time figuring out how to sculpt these well detailed animals. Anything thing well help, so please if you have advice, tutorials..Ill take anything at this point lol
Hi All, I'm hoping anyone has any pointers about making a 3D, Friendly T-Rex for a third birthday...What pan would I use? If I make the head out of RKT, wouldn't it be too heavy? Also, I saw somewhere on CC about having a smoking volcano, I'm really interested in that...What pan would I use for that? Thankful for any advise..
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