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I'm trying my hand at some fondant animal figures. My first attempt is a giraffe. It's not too tough, but I can't seem to get the neck to stay up and long. The weight of the fondant is too much (and the neck is not that high). Is this because I am only using fondant? Do I need to add tylose powder so that it dries quicker?   Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!
Can anyone give some pointers on how to make this? I have a friend who would like this for her husband's 40th and I've never done anything like it. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I'm new to cake decorating but seem to be able to turn out pretty decent cakes, so I'm willing to try this. TIA!!
Looks great! Thanks!!!
Hi - I'm interested in purchasing an airbrush kit. I don't do a lot of baking/decorating, but do want to start trying new things. So, I'm looking for something that is good for beginners & is inexpensive (but good quality). Can anyone recommend something?   Thanks!
Thank you Jason_Kraft! Your response makes sense.   As a new "Business" baker, I frequently come to cake central to ask for the opinions, advice and help from those with more expertise. (Yes, I am making my business legal...zoning, inspection, insurance, etc...).  Most members are amazingly kind and generous with their responses and posts. BakingIrene, your post offered none of the above so I'm not really sure why you took the time to post anything at all. I'm just...
How about a fondant bow? I know it's a little elementary, but the customer wants that. That might work??
THANK YOU!!! I'm glad you told me that! So, there's no good way to do a 2 tiered cake to serve 60? 3 tiers seems scary to me  Though, I'm sure I can do it if I had to....
What is the going rate for a two tiered 60 serving cake? My sister and I usually work for cheap b/c we bake for her school, so I'm not sure how much to charge a new customer. I know there are websites out there with opinions on this but thought I'd ask here.   Thanks!
Thanks Cake Sarge ;-) You answered two of my posts and both are so helpful!!
For taste, smoothness, and ease of use? It seems like Bakel's and Satin Ice are best. Any thoughts?   Thanks!
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