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i was just wondering if anyone knew where i could order bakery boxes and bags in for a good price online. Thanks!
was it this?
i think if you do a 12inch 10 inch 8 inch then a 6inch and make that into the graduation cap it would look like. it will feed more than sixty people though so there will be left overs! Make sure you secure the cake tiers though because my first cake shifted : / Good Luck!
This is a repeat customer for me and she had brought her family members to me for cakes but she requested a replica of this cake and its rather large. She wants all the things that are on this cake in a smaller version that feeds forty people, but my thoughts are that theres so much on the cake that it has to be large anyway.. any suggestions on price? My sister told me I sell my cakes for too little and I've never made a cake this large. Thanks for all your help in...
i did a seashell cake and i put icing on the board then the graham cracker crumbs over it and shook off the excess everything was covered and the crumbs didnt move
Thanks! I went with icing images!
some people eat them and others toss it depends on the person but they're ordering it because they want decoration of some sort! There are also chocolate fondants and marshmallow that may taste a little better
Id worry about your health insurance also, but id say build up a clientele and see where it goes from there you need to make a plan not just jump into things!
Hey! I was thinking of getting an edible printer and I've read blogs and posts and I think i decided on the Canon iP3600, but when looking for the ink and the paper I'm not sure where to buy from because amazon sells a hundred sheets for 20 dollars and icing images seems to have them a dollar each. I was wondering if you own one and could tell me where you purchase the accessories or if you have a different printer, and maybe if there are different types of paper that I...
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