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yw  good luck
If you decide to do it out of RKT, this might be of help   If I come across anything else, I'll let you know.   You may be able to use this template to make it out of gumpaste:   I would probably just follow a tutorial for baby sneakers...
How about like this but in gold
I like to use these:
I went to their facebook page and it had the information on the dusts.  Also noticed that they had that site listed for other stencils and decided to check if that one was from there also.  I'm a good detective. lol  Either that or I have to much time on my hands.  
Used this stencil and these
I believe this is it:
If you google "gumpaste rose petals", there are some available on Etsy and
Not sure if this will give you the exact look but would be close
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