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I would leave it alone. I agree with the statement someone made that the kid will probably get tired of doing it. I personally don't like buying from lemonade stands either. I'd rather just give them some money and not take the lemonade. I don't know how much the kids make by the time they buy the cups and lemonade mix. I know it's fun for them though. A kid in my neighborhood had a great idea, they sold cold cans of soda for $1.00 a can from a cooler. They had signs that...
I've replaced all my pans with 2"  Magic Line brand pans. It's the only brand I'll buy now. The sides are super straight, which is good so you get nice even sides, but bad because they don't stack inside one another and they take up more room when storing. I got mine online at Country Kitchen SweetArt. They are located in Indiana. The pans are a great price there, but you do have to pay for shipping. Around the holidays, which is coming up, many places offer free...
I know this is a very old post, but does someone here know if you put buttercream underneath the poured icing/fondant? Thanks so much. These cupcakes are lovely.
Yeah!!!!!! Glad it worked out
Just found this youtube video where they show how to use that tip. You can she that she's got quite a bit of frosting on the sides before using this tip. Sorry I'm not more helpful. She starts using that tip at about 1:30 on the video.
Try sticking the nose of the tip into the buttercream (crumb coat) as your'e piping and see if that helps it to adhere. This is one of those tips you need to practice with to get the pressure control just right. Good luck.
I love the springerle molds Karen is talking about. I bought mine from They have a few recipes on their site, video on how to make springerle, and a beautiful online catalog. I made the cookies at Christmas and next I want to try the molds with rolled buttercream to use on cupcakes.
I think buttercream will take too long to frost and your ice cream will melt. What about a whipped topping that you can work fast with...something like bettercream or cool whip that you can still freeze afterward. I'm not familiar with ganache on outside but that may be good too.You just have to work fast. Good luck.
Put your name on the box with marker or on some sticker so she'll have to at least buy new boxes. Can just imagine her face picking up a cake and seeing that on the box. But she'd probably have the nerve to ask for a different box....jerk. I don't know the laws on this but I don't know if you could NOT sell someone a cake. She may turn it around on you for being prejudice to her or something. I would send her something in writing and return receipt that she has to sign...
Other than at the mtgs mentioned, do the instructors get any type of discount on products or other benefits ... maybe at the store they teach at or at the Wilton annual tent sale? Or better yet, at classes held at the Wilton store in Illinois? Have been considering it as well. Thanks.
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