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Same here. Ordered and paid for in January. I sent one inquiry a few weeks later and got a response saying that it was a pre-order and would ship in February. I have since sent three more inquiries and gotten no response. Not good considering the order is already paid for. 
That is what I thought it was. Thank you! :)
Does anyone know if if this lace is a mold or individually cut pieces strung together? I'm thinking the latter, which is easy enough but since I had a request for it from a friend...I'd like to make sure I deliver exactly what she wants.   
You're welcome! )
I use her recipes often. She uses those two sizes as a standard but you can use any size pan. You can double the recipe for larger pans or if you use a smaller pan might have batter left over. Cooking time will need to be adjusted as well. A little less time for a smaller pan, a little more for a larger pan. 
I also saw that episode of cake boss and was wondering if anyone else uses card stock as a scraper. He didn't smooth with it the way you would viva. He used it as a scraper. And it seemed to work like a charm. 
The last time I bought it it was actually sticky, nuked or not. I added to it because straight out of the package it was so sticky when kneaded that I couldn't pull my had away without it sticking all over my fingers, similar to how marshmallow fondant will stick when you make it. I was looking for a solution other than just throwing it across the room. LOL. 
I think all of his products are sitting for too long. I bought his fondant a few years ago and it was ok and smelled exactly like a fresh batch of buttercream. I bought it again recently and it has an off flavor and smell and no matter how much sugar/corn starch you knead in, it's so sticky you almost can't use it. The lady working at michael's told me it is a common problem.
I've done a few... :)     I've done more than I realized actually!
I don't think you are supposed to refrigerate anything until it has cooled (dinner leftovers, cake). I've heard that before and also saw an episode of Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsay yelling at someone about doing that because, "IT GOES RANCID!!!" Hehe. On the other hand, I do agree that you can't guarantee that a cake will be good for X amount of days after the customer has received it. They usually receive a cake the day of the event and not knowing if they left...
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