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cheeseball - soy bean oil is usually ok if the issue is soy allergies, it is the protein or the lecithin that is the allergen part of soy and can be life threatening.     My friend's daughter has life threatening soy allergies and it is amazing, and dismaying, to see how many products use soy as fillers - vitamins, candy, broths...It is a challenge to bring food to their get-togethers, it has given me a real lesson in label reading!   hbquikcomjames! - I agree about...
Mybearsbaby also check the pan release that you are using.  If you are using a store bought spray pan release - it may well contain soy lecithin.  I made my own pan release for this cake.
Just had the same situation - unfortunately soy is in so many products.  Most all REAL butter products are soy free.  Also, good to check if customer is all soy sensitive or just soy lecithin / protein sensitive.  My customer could tolerate soybean oil which is in many products but not soy lecitien.  Good luck
Have you tried the Cake Art Party Store in Tucker, or International Sugar Arts Collection on McDonough in Norcross.  Both are great cake supply stores in the Atlanta area
My birthday cake:  pina colada cake with pineapple cream cheese filling, coconut rum butter-cream, not flavors that anyone in my family would have bought for me ( if they could find this combination).  It was yummy and exactly what I wanted!    
As always, I am so impressed, and somewhat intimidated, by everyone's decorating skills.  I am just a hobby baker, but I do get invited to some great parties!!   This is one of my favorites as it was a first for me for the technique and fantasy flowers.          This is my interpretation of Southern Living's cover cake for December 2012   Thanks to all you CC'rs for your inspiration and information, y'all rock!!
My go to key lime WASC - from CC I believe:      1 - 18.25 oz lemon or yellow cake mix    1 - 3.5 oz instant lemon pudding mix - dry    4   large eggs     1/2  cup key lime juice (bottled)     1  cup vegetable oil      1/2 cup water        Mix all for 2-3 minutes bake 325  *  this does not make as much batter as a true WASC as there is no added flour or sour cream but I get rave reviews every time I make this. For key lime butter cream I just add...
There is a facebook page devoted to the Georgia Cottage Food Law
You take pictures of wrapping paper / gift bags at Target to use as inspiration for colors and patterns for cakes.   
i am baker has a great tutorial on a ruffle cake that looks similar to your second picture                                      
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