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Hello All,I've always wanted to get into the baking, decorating world but just haven’t had the opportunity to do so (in a commercial stand point). I’ve been working full time as an admin asst/customer service for 8 years (since I was 1. I can’t just quit my job and following my dreams (I have 2 kids to support). What are good ways to get my foot in the door? I’ve thought about trying to get an internship at local bakeries once I get my portfolio together and maybe do it...
I really hope they pass it, otherwise I'm thinking of moving to a state that has it!I can't afford my rent plus rent of a store front, how can people these days?!?!?
Shredding white chocolate?
OMG! I bought the wilton leveler and i thought I wasnt using it right! It wasnt stright at all and had to free hand...Nice to know, it wasnt me!
Hello All,I just had a question...Is it rude to ask for the plastic cake topper back to reuse for another cake if not supplied by them?Same for the cake stand?Please let me know, because I’m unsure.
I'm confused on when to use Buttercream and Royal Icing.what do I use to crumb coat a cake?What do I use to add decorations/piping?Also, I've been using "Duff" brand of the butter cream, and it seems to be too stiff to use as a crumb coat (tearing the cake, I even used a electric mixer to fluff it up), but when I tried using the leaves tip it wouldn’t work (breaking before the leaf was completed). I guess that’s why I'm confused, because either way doesn’t work!Also, if...
There's Electric Pink by Duff, I get it at Michaels, its wonderful and Very Hot pink! I have used it on the cake in my profile (the pink and black birthday cake with the starts and zebra).HTH
I made a monogram out of Wiltons gum paste, hadnt used gum paste before. It worked well, but you have to work quick with it!
Yes I'm in college, going for business managment (So I can learn how to run a business) I will ask my professor if I can bring in some baked goods for the class, thats a great idea!Thanks!
Oh what great advice! Thank you.So I should still apply at the bakery/decorating jobs even if they say "experience is a must" or "Only experienced"?I feel like that would be lying a little bit...?I'm going to be doing the classes at Michaels, I hope next month. I'm in college, work full-time and a moma to 3 small kids. Not sure if I should put more on my plate until this submester is over with!I will continue doing cakes for free to get more pictures for my portfolio and...
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