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Isomalt for sure. Do you have a SASSIE? Having one makes life with isomalt way easier, but if you don't just pour the boiled isomalt into a glass cup with a pouring lip and fill up your molds. There's a recipe for isomalt gems on [url][/url]
Stack round cakes to the height you want for your glass. Wrap the 'glass' in fondant. Stick a long dowel through it to ensure it doesn't go anywhere and to be the 'pour'. Use isomalt, candy melts, gumpaste or chocolate for the 'pour'. Glue the can to the end of the dowel. The ice cubes are isomalt .
Cover a length of PVC in silicone paper. Measure the circumfrence of the PVC. Cut GUMPASTE to the height you want and the circumfrence just measured. Emboss and wrap (not too tightly) around the PVC. Let dry. Your crenelations can be made using The straight frill cuter from FMM (No 9-12) Icecream cones covered in chocolate, candy melts or icing can be left plain or dipped in sprinkles. You can turn a cone upside down and crenelate it for where the princess is standing.
What u can do, if you think your cake nay not be dense enough, i.e if it's a pretty light cake, is lightly ice it smooth, let that layer dry, and then apply your fondant. the icing layer should hold everything together. Btw, does your fondant dry a bit stiff or does it remain soft?
The one time I had fondant that was separating, I ended up tossing it. It REFUSED to co-operate no matter WHAT I did!As for that shiny spot, can you just cover it with a flower or smething?
Airbrushing? If you airbrush a sheet of gumpaste then cut out what you need you can attach the cut-outs with a dab of icing when they're dry.Using the CLIKSTIX would give you nice, uniform lettering.
Sugarflair usually works for me. GSA has a gold glaze you might want to try.
Ashlyj, it's HEAVY. Err on the side of caution and use dowels, not straws. CWR41 had it right; send another dowel through the middle of the ball and into the sheet cake to avoid 'rollage'.
PME Cutting Wheels
Maybe a piece of PVC or VERY thick (1" of bigger) dowel the exact length of the can through the can? The bottom of the can would have to be cut off. The legs of the upper separator plate can go in the drinking hole. You can glue the can to the bottom separator plate.
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