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So I looked up/tried to look up valve nozzles. Couldn't find them. Where do I get them? I'll buy them yesterday if they'll help give me non-tippy balls.
Where did you get your molds? and what is Unbreakable lace?
Sorry sweetie, I'm in the Caribbean. I don't envision travelling anytime soon..
Hi all in CCland! I'm S-O-O EXCITED! My birthday just went and a friend asked me what I'd like. So of course I said cake toys. He looked puzzled. then said okay, just let him know what. I've been wanting to try lace for a while, so my question is: Crystal lace, Dab, Flexi-paste, Sugarveil? What have you guys tried? Which did you like (or not)? What was easiest to use? Which tasted better? Is there anybody who tried more than one product?
I found this lace border mold: at the Sugardelites site. I thought it looked a lot like one I'd been drooling over in Earlene Moore's store, but when I went to confirm, I couldn't find the store! Does anybody know what gives with that? I see she's doing some colabs with Marvelous Molds, but is that her only presence now?
I checked out the Royal Bakery tute, thanks. Off I go t re-create Santa!
So I've to make a 3D santa. I'm thinking of using my 3D bear pan and carving santa. I'll go practice in a while, but what do you guys think?
I seem to remember seeing that either Geraldine Randsome or Earline Moore had written a book and used one set of cutters to make several different flowers. (Something like 'Floral Gems; Only Five' by Pat Ashby) However I've been to their sites and just can't seem to find the book. Would anyone know the name of that book? And how/where I can get it?
You can make your '8' using 2 round pans.  Cut holes in the center of each and join. Loaf pans can be used for your '1'
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