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I HATE doing deliveries so I try to charge enough to discourage it. Then if I do have to deliver, at least it's worth my while. Delivery - The delivery fee, when available, is $25 for orders within a 10 mile radius of Cakes by Vicki. Anywhere outside of 10 miles will be determined on a per order basis starting at $25.00 plus $1.50 per mile, round trip, for each mile over 10 from Cakes by Vicki. You are of course welcome to come and pick up your cake.
How do I keep a "helium" balloon from drooping? I can't figure out how to make the balloon lightweight enough so that it doesn't bend the wire or possibly even break the trunk. I don't even know what words to use to try to find a tutorial.  Looks like the wire might be heavyduty and anchored in a coffee stirrer in the cake? Not really floating. But it still doesn't make sense to me. Ugh! Two separate orders in the same weekend for the same sorta thing. They looked so sweet...
howsweet, Since you were interested enough to look up my info, I feel the need to explain...Ugh!....first of all, your quote "If you go to her website, you'll see she says her average price per serving is $2.25. That's about $4-5 less than what a bakery in her area would have to charge" $2.25 is STARTING price for an undecorated basic flavor cake, iced and filled with buttercream. Minimum $60.00. Delivery starts at $25.00. Most of my cakes are buttercream topped with...'ve mentioned your opinion a time or 200. The OP asked "how much would you charge for a cake that looks like this" and I answered. That's the typical rate charged by 15 or so bakers in my area.  We all agree that it's the pricing structure that we are comfortable with. We're a friendly group and all make decent livings doing cakes so it works for us.    Probably more helpful for you to consider answering the question that was asked?
8" -  $112.00 9" - $136.00 10" - $154.00 12" - $208.00              
Does anyone use Stover & Co. for cake mix, fondant, packaging, etc.? I just stumbled across their website and their prices seem much cheaper than anywhere else but I don't think I"ve ever seen them mentioned here.
INSIDE SURPRISES #1 - Distinct rainbow layers- 6 rainbow colors - additional .50/serving          Vibrant or pastel          Requires 6"-8" height of cake - For example, 2 - 4" tiers          Or 1 - 6" tier          Or 1 - 2" tier and 2 - 4" tiers #2 - Rainbowlicious a.k.a. tie dyed - 4 vibrant colors of vanilla cake - additional .40/serving #3 - Ombre - graduated shades of 1 color - additional .40/serving         4 shades per 4" tall cake layer #4 - Zebra-...
If you email me at I'll send you the form that I use for quotes and/or invoices. It's customizable.
Love this site for easy calculations!
wendelynb "How many others out there that do the same will be discouraged from posting because they see the same thing that I see?"   Exactly!! I've been doing cakes for over 30 years as a hobby and a little bit here and there for extra income via local caterers, etc. Quit my full time job of 29 years and started my business from home when we got the cottage foods law in Texas a couple years ago. Another home caker told me about Cake Central at that time and it was a...
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