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Turned out great!
So after trying several times with my one pair of semi-experienced hands, I gave up and wrapped it.  It's not exactly what I wanted, but will be okay.  I'm eager to try again next time with some tylose or gumpaste mixed it.  That might just be the trick!  Thanks everyone for your advice!
Any suggestions for draping, though?  Paneling isn't quite the look I'm going for.  (But thank you, Sarah! :) )
I've seen it done, the beautiful cakes covered in flawless fondant with pristine sharp edges, so I know it's possible.  How do you drape extra-tall tiers in fondant without the fondant tearing?  I don't really want to do paneling.  Is it better to have stiffer or softer fondant?  Is it better to roll it a little thick or pretty thin?  Any advice would be wonderful!  Thanks!
No idea, but I'd like to hear the answer too! :)  
Bobby Flay's Red Velvet on Food Network is my favorite recipe.  It's on the denser side and would be good for sculpting and fondant.  
You want to get a wooden cake board and drill a 1/2" hole in the middle.  You'll use a 1/2" dowel through the entire structure.  For the separators you want to use stiff floral foam covered in fondant cut on an angle with a slightly smaller hole drilled through them (you want a little resistance when you put them on the dowel).  Each cake is on an individual cake board, also with a hole in the middle for the dowel.  Make sure your separators are well supported with...
Thanks, Sarah!  I should have just sent you a fb message. :)
Never mind.  If anyone else encounters this problem, you can add water (yep, water) until the chocolate smooths out.  I added about 3 tbsp to 7 oz of chocolate.  That would never work for dipping chocolate or anything like that, but for my purposes it's perfect!  
I was trying to make an orange/chocolate icing.  I melted my chocolate, then added orange zest.  The orange zest made the chocolate totally seize!  I realize I should have added them separately to the icing, but now it's too late.  I don't have extra ingredients or time to run to the store.  Is there any way to salvage this??
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