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Aw, they are perfect!  Modeling chocolate?
If it wraps around too much, can't you just scale down the elephant size to suit your round? Super cute cake, btw.
 LOL I have definitely been there, sorry you weren't feeling well.  I agree with the others, no cake pops...Ain't nobody got time for that.
I read on Nigella's website it can be frozen (airtight) for up to 3 months, then to re-use thaw in the fridge overnight, but it should not be refrozen after that.  HTH :)
I'm with raystreats...I just tried this technique on Saturday and it so did not work for me.  I traced the outline of what I wanted and lightly but firmly pressed my design onto the cake (the top of an 8" round).  Maybe a little line here and there, but nowhere near helpful enough.  Maybe some Crisco first?  I'm not sure, I'm interested to see what the OP has to say about her prep space, as it turned out so lovely!
I agree with AnnieCahill, and I think you did a good job.  Don't feel obligated to take on orders you know are going to be an issue..I bet we've all learned this the hard way.  Chin up, buttercup!  ;)
LOL I thought "who is making pin up cookie cutters" too.
I thought it kind of looked like a pin-up girl posing, like laying/sitting up facing you? Like how it is in the first image.
Sometimes I have that same problem too...I'm not a mmf expert, but what I have done in those instances is to try to work in a little bit more water. Like...just get your hands wet and knead the dickens out of it, and you may have to sprinkle it with a little more powdered sugar. That usually works for me, and I never use powdered sugar when rolling out or kneading mmf, I always use shortening. With pre-made fondant, powdered sugar works better for me, but shortening...
I am in North Carolina-- I have bought unfinished cakes at Food Lion in the bakery fridge--they even have big bags of "buttercream" icing--great in a pinch!
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