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it should definitely NOT taste like soap...what is the recipe?   I've stored mine in the refrigerator, triple wrapped, without any issues for up to a year. 
another reputable source for the tiny blossoms...   never seen the 5-petal cutters before (seen 6-petals or 8-petals) about a small calyx cutter, the shape is very similar?
welcome! enjoy!!!
you are very welcome! and it is THAT hoarding all the buns good!
an orange icing is DELISH! with cinnamon rolls...   2 TBS melted salted butter 1 - 1 1/2 C powdered sugar 1/2 TS vanilla-x 1/2 TS micro-grated orange zest 2 - 3 TBS fresh squeezed orange juice (start with 1 TBS and add more to thin)   combined all ingredients and whisk until smooth. put into piping bag, snip tip, and drizzle over goodies.
mix oil-based food coloring with melted chocolate to get desired color(s), then paint/dab/rub your colored chocolate inside your mold in spots/lines/streaks, then fill your mold like normal with uncolored chocolate. let pieces firm up completely, then pop out of mold.  
you're welcome! happy caking!
Hello Britterfly,   At the time I made the mower, it was my first attempt so I did not take pictures. I made these drawings after-the-fact. Hope you can follow them. I used MMF with Tylose mixed in to make the mower figurine. You could use store-bought fondant just as easy. Tylose is a must to help the figurine dry and hold it's shape. When I printed out the parts sheet on standard sized letter paper, the part sizes were pretty much the exact size in real life.   A...
was it for a class? this one maybe?,5   or maybe this one? I remember this being advertised via email...,12
if there is shortening or butter in the icing then it is not 'royal icing'
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