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You know, I think if I got paid for my cakes it might not bother me so much. The hydrangea flowers are so beautiful and "realistic" - at least to me (not to some of you though, I'm sure!!) - I used to do watercolor - it would be horrifying to think of giving someone one of my paintings and then watch them throw it away. Even if they bought it. I guess this will just have to be something I get used to!
That's where I'd like to be!
That would be very hard to see. I'd rather not know. But then most of my cakes have been for friends and for parties that I was at - so I always get the "honor" of serving them as well - so I have to deal with it myself. The cake in my picture though - I know the girl saved the figure and some of the flowers. Even if she doesn't keep them long, it means a lot to know they meant that much to her.
Thanks for your answers! I was too afraid that it wouldn't stick, so I just went ahead and piped the centers first. I'm just hoping that the dust won't mess up the centers too badly.
I agree - call them. I know I've taken a whole cake in my carry on just a year ago on one airline (Southwest I think), but Spirit airlines just said only food that you intend to consume on the plane. Although they might not consider that "food" - I suppose it also depends on who you talk to.
lol!!! I guess when it becomes more second nature to me then it won't seem quite as horrifying. I see HOURS of work that goes into making them and it seems so wrong to just dump them. But we shouldn't hoard (lol) so I guess it's a show and then done.I'm pretty sure that I will be cutting this cake too, so that will make it extra hard. I'll just hope someone might want to walk off with them - if only to appreciate for a bit more. *sigh*
I love Mo's idea! Since he's moving on to a new phase of his life.
I'm amazed at all the work that can go into gorgeous gumpaste flowers. But it's making me wonder what people do with your artwork?? Do they save it? Throw it out? *gasp* It seems like such a waste!
I'm going to make non-wired hydrangea petals and will be dusting them. So I do need a center - was going to pipe in some royal icing. But will it stick if I've already used petal dust?
I'm sitting here patiently waiting for my craftsy tute to load.... slowly running out of time for this cake... I have my gum paste made, my cutters and molds and even petal dusts ready - just need the instruction. I'm starting to get nervous about running out of time to get them made - and made nicely. How huge is the learning curve? I think I'm going to avoid using wires this time - I saw a gorgeous hydrangea cake that had the individual flowerlets all over the top and...
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