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Thank you for all of your input.    I just checked the fondant I made to cover the cake with and it's already faded too -  just not as much.  Sounds like I just need to start over - only thing is - what brand of color should I use - or I guess I just have to be careful to keep the cake out of the light after it's covered.  Funny, all the cakes I've made have been for my grandsons so I was so looking forward to making a cake that was pink - who would have thought "pink"...
Thank you both.  I don't have an airbrush so I think I'll try painting the color on.  If nothing else, I guess I'll be making a new bow
I made the most awesome mmf fondant and colored it with Wilton's pink color for a Minnie Mouse cake 1 week ago.  I added some Wilton's tylose to a portion of the pink fondant to make the bow yesterday.  I looked today and the bow has already faded to almost white while drying!  By the time the cake is due next week, I'm sure the color will be totally gone.  What do I do?  Use Americana coloring and recolor my fondant?  Mix the Wilton pink coloring with vodka and paint my...
It's so adorable - please let me know what you ended up doing to make Minnie.  I'd love to see your finished cake - I have an order for a Minnie Mouse cake for a 1 year old next month.  Thanks!
Debbie - I'd love to get your instructions as well.  Thank you sooo much!
Awesome - Thanks!
Like you, I only do 1 cake a month or so, but I'm ready to make my "rolling life" easier!  Thanks for the feedback!
Thanks - that's exactly what I was hoping to hear. The video makes it look so easy but I wasn't sure if it worked that perfect in real life.  I'm getting ready to bite the bullet!  Do others agree with the feedback?
Just wondering if anyone has used "The Mat" for rolling out fondant.  I've been using powdered sugar on my counter top for years, but I'm beginning to think there's got to be an easier way to keep MMF from sticking and taking so much time cleaning up the powdered sugar off my fondant when assembling my cakes.  How does it compare to Wilton's mat?  Love to hear your feedback.
you are so right - just afraid I'll get lopsided!  I was hoping for an easier idea but that may be my only solution.
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