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I would imagine she meant if the father didn't think the weather was an issue, then he should try to get to her to pick it up...and he can't make the drive either.  I live in Minnesota and while we are use to such awful driving conditions, ice is ice...and no 4 wheel drive truck or anything else can drive on it.  It's not worth risking your life to deliver a cake, wedding or not.  Did the wedding even go on as planned, or were they not in the affected area of Texas?  Now...   This is a good tutorial...
I just put baby shoes in search and there is one tutorial on how to make these.  Good Luck!!
Hey Angel I just saw your finished cake!  The bubbles look awesome!  Wonderful job!
Wow...look where the brown frosting from the top tier is on the box...that was either leaning or a quick slam of the brakes, or something.  What kind of vehicle did she have?  What a shame, so sorry this happened to you.
Can you carve it on a board shaped like your football?  I have a few of those really big spatula's that really help lifting something like this and then set it on the finished board?  This is the cleanest way I can think of. HTH...good luck
maybe do a few and bake them to see if you need to change anything before doing a whole tray.
That's how I would do it...maybe one or two on top too?  good luck!
Sounds like the cake settled overnight.  I don't cover my fondant cakes and let them sit.  Do you let your cakes settle for a few hours after crumb coating?  Do a search on here regarding settling cakes.  Good Luck
Go out and google ruffle cake tutorial and watch one of those.  This is made with strips of fondant going in a circle pattern.  Good luck!!
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