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Nancy, I agree with some others about smoothing your buttercream. It must be your recipe. I use half butter,half crisco, powdered sugar, vanilla and a tad bit of water. After smoothing as best as I can, I let it crust over for about 10 minutes then use the Viva paper towel and fondant smoother and it looks very close to fondant!! As for the burlap trim...I do  many cakes and use the burlap you buy in the wedding section of craft stores and Walmart. It doesn't shed. I've...
Not trying to be ugly here but if you have a business with 3 outlets, you should already know the answers to your questions. 
Thanks you guys. mgreen44, I think they are at least 4" tall, maybe more. leah_s, I had thought about those sizes too and it'll get me close. I think I'm going to go with the 6, 9, 12 and 15 and go at least 4 ' tall. This will give me the look, height and servings. Thanks!
Hi all, I need to serve 200 with this cake. Ideas on sizes I should use? It looks like a 6, 8, 10 and 12. This won't give me enough.
Great idea ladyhawke917. I hadn't thought of either of your ideas, lights or gelatin shapes. Maybe that's something I can experiment with when I have more time. I ended up doing a splatterpaint on white 2 tier using those neon colors. She loved it.
OK guys, A client sent me this pic as inspiration for a cake for her daughter. It's a neon paper lantern. Any ideas of how to get this effect onto the cake?  
what in the world could she have posted that got her run off and you so afraid?
Oh.and I use the Viva method with the Buttercreme from Sam's on every cake. Crusting time is minimal. 5 minutes and it's ready to Viva.
Hi, I use the Buttercreme icing in the large buckets from Sam's all the time. It's a little over $38 here in Ga. It tastes great and holds colors wonderfully. You don't have to add as much color as you do with the normal buttercream/Crisco recipe and they turn out brighter too. I haven't figured out exactly how much money I'm saving but know I couldn't make this tub for $38. You can use it straight from the bucket or whip it. If I'm not in a hurry, I'll whip it a little...
Ohhhhhh I love both of your ideas!!! I researched some and was just designing it on paper. I was thinking of doing a ship on the water with maybe 3 dogs in the ship with their map but now I'm thinking it may be too childish. They didn't care as to whether it's a sheet cake or a tiered cake.  
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