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Thanks!  It has been the favorite one I have ever done.
Sur La Table has them back in stock and has the best shipping rate
I use the Ateco heating cores-I do not like flower nails as they do not fit flat against the bottom of the pan, are aluminum versus stainless steel, and leave a "divot" in the cake bottom.  The Ateco are totally flat, stainless steel, and remove with virtually no footprint. With proper care they will last a lifetime.  I recommend them to all my students.
As far as I am concerned they are one of the best cake investments I have made.  Order 2 sets for extras, hand wash only and be sure they are completely dry before storing.  I even use one in my 6x3" pan as they help the taller cakes bake so much better.  A chart is on the back of the label to show usage and placement but sometimes I will add 1 or 2 more depending on how full my pans are-I always use 3" pans.
Has any one used this to make ganache for icing the cakes under fondant?  If so would the ratio be 2:1 or 3:1 since it is a dipping bar?
I use a 50/50 blend for my molds and have great success. Rosa has a great tutorial on her site on how to use these molds. Her molds are very beautiful and intricate.
Question to Cake Central-is the issue of the ratings for recipes being revisited?  It was wonderful to see the user's ratings as it helped in choosing recipes.
Thank you so much for the response- apparently  no one knew what you just  told us.  I for one will be patient now that I am aware our comments are being taken into consideration.
I agree-I give a list of cake sites to my students and every one of them have come back and told me how hard it is to navigate the new site.  I have posted several comments here about this but am really surprised that we do not hear anything back from the staff/creators of this site.  Are they not responsive to these comments?
here is a picture you can use as a guide.  I made one for a cake and it is really pretty.  Use a 24 gauge wire for each petal as 26 is not strong enough      
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