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A day early is certainly better than a day late.
While I agree that you would not want another cake competing with or being mistaken for one of yours, this is different. Whether the bride and groom are upset or love Granny's lumpy fruitcake, it is their business to decide. It is their wedding and their cake table. It could become one of their fondest or funniest memories. For you to have behaved any way other than you did would have caused unnecessary hurt feelings and made you look overbearing and petty. You did the...
A couple years ago my niece had a "barn wedding.” It was winter, but the attendants were clad in calico strapless sundresses dresses and cowboy boots and carried sunflowers. The bride wore a satiny strapless “dance hall girl” gown. The ceremony took place outside, and then all were ushered into the "barn" where we were served hamburgers, cafeteria style. No wedding cake--just cake pops. Here I thought my niece just had incredibly bad taste. Now, thanks to this thread, I...
I don't know either, but have you tried Google Image Search?
Try your local druggist. It has been a long time, but I have purchased small boxes of empty capsules. They are made of gelatin.
I bake exclusively gluten free, and you cannot tell my baked goods from the gluten ones. I don't use commercial mixes as they don't produce the taste I want. But, suggestions: If your mix has xantham gum already in it, don't add any more. Even a little bit too much or too little can ruin your cake. GF cake mixes turn out better than general purpose flour mixes. Try lowering your oven temperature by 25 degrees and bake a little longer. That usually stops the shrinking.
Thank you. And, of course, I would credit you!
This woman obviously has issues, and it's not your job to fix them. Next time, be strong and stick to your own rules--the quote is good for 30 days only. My experience has been that the more you give, the more this type of person pushes. Ask someone else to block her for you. I know when I am extremely stressed, I can't remember how to do the simplest things. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your daughter.
Laughing hysterically. She raises awesome crassness and greed to new heights!
So brilliant. May I use this on my website?
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