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Wow, this is AMAZING!!! I've been using my serrated knife but with this nifty gadget, I can make sure my cake levels come out perfectly straight. Thanks so much for posting this!  
Hello everybody, I recently got approved/registered for a class A cottage food operation. I live in California so I cannot make/use cake fillings that need to be refrigerated. So no cream cheese, custards, mousses or ganache fillings.  I saw a recipe for a "mock" mousse that called for Pastry Pride and instant pudding. What's Pastry Pride and does it need to be refrigerated? Also would the texture of the "mock" mousse be similar to that of a real mousse made with meringue...
Thank you so much IAmPamCakes and ddaigle. I greatly appreciate the both of you helping me out.  
Hello everybody, I was wondering if someone has a chart or a draw up of how many servings a 9 in. round cake would serve? I have seen other charts that have 6 in, 8 in. and 10 in. round cake guides. But I haven't seen one for a 9 in. cake. If someone has one, I would greatly appreciate it if I could see what it looks like. Thanks everybody. 
In order to get a large mound of buttercream on my cupcakes, I always use a large round piping tip. I really like Ateco's piping tips.  
Hello MustangMollie, your fondant cakes are beautiful. But when I have problems with my fondant cracking, I knead in some shortening to soften it up. I don't have problems with my fondant tearing, so I can't help you out with that.
Whenever I use Swiss Meringue Buttercream to ice a cake, I always use it at room temperature. If you put swiss meringue buttercream into the fridge, it will harden due to the large amount of butter in the recipe. Then you would have to wait for it to get back to room temp. So once my batch is mixed up and ready to go, I use it right then and there to ice my cake.  Hope I helped.    Rebeca 
Thank you Smckinney07 and Lindseyjhills. Looks like I'll be whipping up a batch of modeling chocolate and making some figurines.
Hello everybody, I was thinking about using modeling chocolate for some figurines for a cake I have due later on this week. My question is will the modeling chocolate firm up if left out at room temperature overnight? I have used fondant before for figurines, but I've heard that modeling chocolate tastes like a tootsie roll.  Is there any difference in using fondant vs. modeling chocolate in terms of workability and how it dries?  Thanks, Rebeca 
Hello whiteangel, if you are going to be making delicate flowers, your best bet would be to use the already made Wilton gumpaste. If you were to use your combination of MMF and Gum tex, you won't be able to roll it out as thinly as a pure gumpaste. MMF mixed with Gum Tex makes sort of a mock gumpaste. Also, gumpaste dries very hard, I mean hard like a rock. Lol so I would let the teenagers know before they eat your flowers. :) Hope I helped. Rebeca  
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