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 Agreed Mimi.  There is always a chain of command and it needs to be respected no matter the type of company.  When you are ready, make sure you present your ideas with how this will benefit their bottom line and how your business can achieve this.
 About the same timeline with mine.  I received the same email (different dates) - Mine was sent Priority Mail so not 2 day shipping. 
Just wanted to update to let you know I received my Adore Book today.  That is all
I tried some of the above recipes and still had disasters. I was so tired of tossing expensive ingredients  I found this class by Richard Festen - followed it and have never had a fail since.  It does cost $20. but way cheaper than wasted macrons.   I hope you find something that works for you :)
 Saran Wrap?  I don't know that one, MB.  Could you explain for me?  Thanks :)
 I just used mine yesterday without any problems.  I used Mexican Paste.  It is a bit dryer than gum paste or fondant and pops right out. 
Excellent little tutorial!  Thank you AZ  
 Would you be so kind as to post a pic of the cover so the rest of us can see what to expect?  Thank you 
   And only $1.00
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