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 Would you be so kind as to post a pic of the cover so the rest of us can see what to expect?  Thank you 
   And only $1.00
I know this is late, but would like to suggest this tutorial - Maybe for the next one? 
Having the students bring their cakes is a great way to cut the cost of the class - "your hook"  :)  Anyway, I hope all works out for you.  Please let us know how things went.
I personally love doing six inch cakes.  I would pass along that vision of toilet paper rolls though.  Probably not something your bride thought about.  Maybe a simple flower on each cake that goes with the wedding bouquet. The wine glass idea is clever, leah_s,  so the cake doesn't get lost or banged up during dinner.
  Both of these are really good advice.  I wipe everything down with white vinegar before I start.  I also usually mix my RI by hand - less chance of over mixing and too much air.  And yes, passing RI through a nylon is a pain but it sure works.  I also have access to free range eggs.  Those whites are the best in my opinion.I pulled out my Eddie Spence book - piping consistency should be stiff and only thinned out with a tiny amount of water if necessary. I hope this all...
I have taken classes where you bring your own cakes (some will be better than others)  and another where the cakes were provided and a cash fee at the door was required on top of the pre-paid class amount.  it was a 3 day class.  if your goal is to have your students learn from A-Z  ,so to speak, then I agree with MimiFix and maybe look into having the class over multiple days.  On the other hand, if your goal is to teach just basic decorating, then I would have students...
You might consider this little set that is on sale this week.  Spring Flower collection: I found these for you from A Cake to Remember.  They are on sale this week - good buy :)
You're very welcome :)
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