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This tread is 6 years old :) 
Is it possible you put too much batter in the pan ? and it just did not cook in the middle ? 
If you add too much of the Wilton's Rose color it will make it look kind of orange -pink( red will also make it warmer as color , more towards orange .)The best hot pink is the Neon Pink from Americolor .They now sell it at Hobby Lobby . 
Full refund . You salvaged the cake , not because the bride should have payed you something, but to clear your name as a responsible and reliable cake decorator. Sorry it happened to you !
Satin Ice is on sale under Deal Of The Day today  on Fondant Source .It is $45 for 20 lb and $15 for 5lb .Thought I should share in case you guys didn't see it :) 
I just put 3 straws underneath the ball + a center dowel. . Positioned and glued the ball with white chocolate HTH
Once I did covered  a styrofoam ball in fondant , glued roses on it with white chocolate.Went to bed after I finished -   in the morning all the roses were on the table, their weight pulled the fondant off the styrofoam .Had to re-do the whole thing , and this  I actually hot glued the roses onto the styrofoam . It was a wedding cake and I did not want to take any chances ! well , it worked :)) Maybe next time i will just glue the roses with white chocolate directly onto...
I use sponge cake recipe for most of my cakes  .The recipe sounds correct to me, with a little  note -maybe the sugar is too much ( my go to recipe calls for  7 eggs and 1 cup of sugar )   . After I cream the  yolks and the sugar to the point they are double the volume and pale yellow I add the flour ,spoon by spoon mixing it by hand . If it gets hard to stir I would start alternating flour and whipped egg whites - again stir by hand, otherwise your eggwhites will deflate...
I have done few Monster High cakes.Just use electric  pink, electric blue and purple from Americolors, they are great . For the skull this is what I did- I printed it out on a regular paper , cut it out and used it as a template on a black fondant( base) then , I cut just the white parts and placed it over the black base ,same thing with the pink ribbon . Also , I use corn syrup to glue small decorations .I hope it makes sense .Good luck!
No , people don't go to the mall to buy cakes! Your rent will be high sky too . 
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