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Texassugar - I've used several different ganache recipes and I seem to always mess up my timing. Good luck and I hope you get the result you're looking for!
Sorry I can't help but Woah! What a show stopper!!!
I too feel your pain. It's 6:32 am, I just finished the cake that I am delivering at noon. I am also baking cakes, fillings, icings from scratch and making my own fondant. A lot of the big guys may buy their fondant premade but seriously...until I'm raking in the dough (pun intended ) the big guys are I'm making my own. It's so much cheaper and IMO it tastes better. My boyfriend just moved to Ohio from Michigan to live with me and has been gone on business but my...
I say take some daytime cold meds, strap a mask on and decorate as best you can! I worked in restaurants for a long time and both front and back of the house works unless they're falling over. Just be mindful of washing your hands etc and you should be fine. Hope you feel better! It's going around!
haha glad to hear that wasn't the problem MichelleB0802! You never sister cries every time she tries to cook without fail. I'm talking like boxed Mac N Cheese. My dad actually tried making my mom a cake before and did just that...granulated sugar and he didn't let the butter soften. It was so sweet but probably the worst cake I'd EVER seen! haha
I caught that too DuxDay...if it's that gritty I'm guessing that could very well be the problem.
If you're using a sheen airbrush color (I have the americolors pearl sheen set) it should dry just fine. It always has in my experience. Hope this helps
I like using pastillage for certain cake toppers. I did a Scooby Doo Haunted Mansion cake and played around with modeling chocolate, fondant and finally pastillage to make the house topper. You have to be quick when using it because it starts to dry immediately however it becomes very hard very fast. I liked using it because I was able to cut out the house the way I wanted it and quickly carve details. I brushed it lightly with water to seal the surface and then was...
As far as the airbrush goes, it could still work even if you don't have as much experience with it as you'd like! I played around with a lot of cardboard when I got mine so I wasn't mucking up actual cake. If you have the fondant already colored blue you should just be able to hold the airbrush FAR away from the cake and give it a misting in like a pearlized white or silver just to add a little sparkle. If your fan brush doesn't work...maybe try that on some scraps and...
Wow Indydebi...I'm guessing she was in the wrong line of business then! It's like anything...some people want a free handout and others are genuinely interested in learning something. Typically you can tell just by the way you're approached. As for not being able to dip a strawberry or drop some cookie dough? I guess some people can't be helped.
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