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No prob! I also freeze the frosted cake 10 minutes before putting on fondant
I had the same issue until I started using the tile method.  I torte and use a STIFF dam (where you can almost roll the frosting in a ball between your fingers), fill, stack, wrap in plastic and place a ceramic tile ($.80 at Home Depot) on top over night.  The next day I frost and then cover, this has completely eliminated the unsightly bulge on the sides of my cakes.
AAtKT I sent you a PM :)
yes ma'am!  I have read and re-read the laws down to the last letter because I want to make sure I'm abiding by all the rules.  On most of my ingredients I used 8 pt font but on my "Crazy Monkey" cupcakes it did go down to 6 pt font.  It's a pain having to include all the ingredients in the box mix when being used as an ingredient but I fit it all on there.  I had a lot of overhead just to sell at local markets but I'm hoping the exposure is worth it.  I stay busy with...
The only font requirement we have is that "This product is home produced" is in 10 pt, the rest doesn't matter as far as font size goes in Ohio
What size of labels do you use for ingredients? If using a WASC recipe I know I must list all ingredients in the cake mix but I feel like that will take a full sheet of paper! Any suggestions? I do some scratch and some WASC recipes and I'm just frustrated at how much room it takes up, especially if it's to be put on a small container. TIA!
Thanks for the suggestions! I know years ago when I was wedding cake shopping my baker told me they are pricey but didn't elaborate and now that I'm doing cakes I was kind of lost lol So far I really like making them, made 3 peonies and I'm going to start roses tomorrow just to practice. There's definitely a learning curve with time just like everything else I LOVE the look and don't like putting fresh flowers on a cake unless I have to so I guess I will just practice,...
Thanks!  I'll definitely check out that blog!  I need to get a slotted mat for sure.  Hydrangeas and roses are my next endeavor, I'm the hydrangea queen in the garden so I HAVE to master those! lol  I did a few peonies which are another flower I love!  My MIL just got married over the 4th so I'm making her and her husband a small 6" wedding cake.  I'm doing ruffles and then 3 peonies on top, it's only so fancy because I want to practice using all my new toys lol  So far I...
So I have my pricing down for cake per serving (and a chart with amount extra for certain flavors etc) but I'm just starting with gumpaste flowers and I have no idea how to charge for them.  Does anyone have a tried and true method they would like to share?  Any tips are appreciated!
Thanks Enga, I'll check out the JEM pad!
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