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Right now I usually use a pizza cutter for cutting images, but I was thinking about getting an xacto knife to make better cuts. I was wondering what model knife is the best?
I was thinking about buying a cake dummy to practice some new techniques on. But I was wondering if it's fine to use a cake dummy over and over again? If so what do you put on the cake dummy to make the fondant stick? TIA
I just got the one's from Aldi yesterday and I bought it for baking and cookies but I then realized they were great for rolling fondant instead of the wilton rolling mat because it sticks to the table. So I think you should definitely invest in some!
I used to have trouble with wilton all the time so now I pay a little more money and buy merckens candy melts and they are so much smoother and dip so much easier
Does anyone know where I can't get a large variety of food coloring for chocolate?
anyone know?
I ordered a cricut cake but it hasn't come in yet. But I was wondering if anyone knows if the Gypsy or Cricut Design studio works for cricut cake? If so is it worth buying it?
Marianna46- I have a few extra cookies and they don't have to be done until saturday so maybe I will practice on a few just to make sure and I was planning on make them smaller just in case. Thanks for the adviceTexasSugar- Thanks for letting me know not to stack or bag them cause they would probably all get ruined if I did!Thank you both for the advice! btw I meant globe cookies instead of cupcakes but you both realized that lol
I was wondering if anyone has ever done FBCT on cookies or cupcakes? I'm making globe cupcakes for an international dinner at my church and thought it would be easier to copy the globe using the FBCT method and placing it on the cookie instead of royal icing, but didn't know if it will melt on the cook or work at all?
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