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Have you ever made a "salted caramel" filling? If so, what recipe would you use?
Here we go again!  I have a mother who is asking for two cakes, one for a daughter graduating Jr. High, and the other for a daughter graduating University. This is her message to me about what she wants on each cake.  Any ideas? Each cake has to feed 40.   Grad from University: Degrees in English, history, communications, and geography she works as an editor at an online magazine. She loves chocolate, likes to run, has a thing for elephants     grad from gr...
Thanks for your reply, MBalaska!  So, I ended up putting fondant decorations over the buttercream, which helped.  I also have realized that I am a cake decorator, and not a cake designer...yet!  This was my first cake that was fully designed by me, with minimal input.  It stressed. me. out!  No joke!  Anyhow, it was done, she loved it, and it is now behind me! :o)  Thanks for the encouragement, everyone!    
Thanks for the ideas!  I have just figured out that I am more a cake decorator than a cake designer.  This is a skill that I need to work on!  I love direction!  haha!  Well, I don't have much more time to figure it out, so I'd better get on it!  I really appreciate your responses, though.  Sometimes I feel alone, as none of my friends or family make or decorate, and so it is hard to find ideas that are doable for me!
This cake has me confused, I swear!  The lady wants a picture of herself on the top tier...and the only other request is that I would use the colour aquamarine as that is her birthstone.  I have no idea what to do!  I've never done a two tier with an edible image on the top!  I am used to making flowers, etc. to go on the top of a second tier!
I wondered if there is any issue with doing a buttercream tier on top of a fondant tier...
Any advice on putting together a cake with one buttercream tier and one fondant tier?
Hi all! My husband recently purchased a Canon MG 6220 for me to use for edible images.  Unfortunately, we keep running into a wall when it comes to ordering ink.  Almost everywhere we go, they sell the edible ink for this printer as 5 tanks.  This is a 6 tank printer.  The only place that I can find the ink sold with the 6 tanks has a very prohibitive price - the 6th tank seems to double the price of the ink!   My question is this: does anyone out there use this printer...
Thank you very much! I will look into finding out if they ship to Canada and how long it will take.
Hi there - I have never made an edible ink image before.  I have a client who is looking for an iPod cake, and the pictures she sent to me all have edible ink images.   My question is this - if I can find a local bakery (probably in a grocery store) who will sell an edible image to me, what exactly do I need to bring with me to the store?  Do I bring a photocopy of the picture, do I upload a picture on a jump drive?  What do I do???   Thanks for you help!!   Julie
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