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ok awesome thanks for taking the time to help me:)
my son decided he wants a bday cake that doesnt taste like a cookie but looks like one. i dont know why im making this to  be more then it is. any ideas? kind of lost... Thanks so much
hey everyone i wanna do a 3d skate cake for my sons 6th birthday i need help trying to keep it up? dowels or something drilled into a cake board? i kind of know what i need to do but don't know how to put it all together if that makes sense?....i have someone to cut wood for me if i need to sit the cake on a thicker confused please help!
I am doing a remembrance cake for my boyfriends dad whom died last September 11th suddenly from a heart attack. I dont really have time to order one there any places y'all know of around richmond va area that I can get one made?[/list]
thanks so much really appreciate it!
i'm from va and i do cakes for friends and stuff i would love to do my own at home business but i am lost...what is cottage law exactly?
idk i would say like 125 at least
i'm new myself but i would probably charge 85 to 100
hi there can yall tell me any suggestions of how to get all my tiers the same height for each! i am having a problem with them not being the height and also i measure with something?
hi there i am doing a raspberry color cornelli lace on a wedding cake and i am having a hard time getting the right color to match. i feel like piping gel would be easier to color that won't fall off the sides of the cake will it?
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