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will the figurine be sitting or standing? May sound like an odd question, but the solutions lies in the answer.  And which kid you are making makes a difference.   The tallest girl has a thin neck, but the other 2 have wider necks that sort  of touches the shoulders.  
Hubby had an idea.  He is a boater.  He said to go to the marine store and get a desiccant which is just silica gel in a container.   Put the flowers in a box with the desiccant.  Remember the dessicant in NOT EDIBLE but the flowers don't need to touch it.  It just needs to be near it.     This is the same stuff you use to dry flowers.  It soaks up humidity really fast. I never tried it but thought I would pass the idea along 
For easy quick stuff I use Photoshop Elements
I think  you have to give more details.  The size of the cake matters a lot. How big will the finished cake be?
Or do something more cute and more visually graphic.    
Insufficient Permissions This album is listed under the private category, Naughty Cakes. Your account does not currently have access this category. Logout and try again with an administrative account, or contact a site administrator for support.   THIS IS THE MESSAGE I GET.  
I love the ideas of bct806
It's the best tool I have ever purchased.  Love it
If you place the elmo cake on the sheet cake, stack it like you would any tiered cake.   Dowels in bottom sheet, and elmo on a cake board that rests on the bottom dowels.   Make sure to put icing on the underside of the Elmo cake to help adhere it to the board.   Refrigerate well and transport very cold. You can get a sheet cake box that holds in the coolness.
I would use an 11 x 15 sheet cake and place the elmo cake on it (like a tier)  I think it would give a cohesive look.
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