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I have always used a frosting like buttercream under my fondant. I am now going to frost with a rather firm ganache instead. Does the fondant adhere to the ganache, or do I have to soften it a bit first so it has some grab to it?? 
Since the only interesting side is probably the front of the restaurant, I don't think it has to be a rectangular or square building cake.  You can do the square thing , or do a round cake with a built up restaurant scene.  Either way looks great, but using the round approach lets you do a blue sky and other touches that I think add a lot  
I think if you want her business, use your picture being chosen as an asset.     " molded sleeping babies and I don't do those because to me they look dead, not asleep."  I use to agree.  But then I did one.  It really looked fine.
The Satin Ice color chart is amazingly accurate and easy to see online.  For a true deep purple use Satin Ice 50% red and 50% blue.   That'as right, don't buy the purple if you want a DEEP 
I wouldn't pipe it in BC.  Too messy.  If you do a BC transfer it will look nice.  You can also cut it out of fondant.  Allow to dry and make your BC real smooth that will be beneath it.     I think the BC transfer would look the best, but stick with your comfort level.
I think if  you look up Hot Air baloon sweets table you will get a lot of ideas.  Next you have to change the balloon look to a wishing balloon, as well as darken the sky to dark eggplant and add some gold.stars.  Look up hot air balloon cakes, cupcakes etc.
You don't need to do candles.  Do mini LED lights or fairy berries They look great and add a nice glow. How about not worrying about the desserts and make one nice table centerpiece that unifies the theme. Did they pick a color scheme for their lanterns?  That's another way to approach a tie in
Is the theme those wishing lanterns that get released, and fly up into the sky?
Thank you all sooo much.  You are amazing
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