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Thank you everyone so much for your thoughts - I truly appreciate all the different perspectives/considerations! I definitely do NOT want to piss off the venue. I'm going to push gently when I get there, but I'll be ready with something for the coordinator to sign that says they arrived in good condition; and I'll take pictures of the boxes wherever they end up.   Unfortunately this means I won't be able to take a picture of the whole setup for my portfolio. I could set...
Thanks for the feedback everyone! You've confirmed what I thought. Now I just have to grow some balls to talk to the venue coordinator! It'd be easier if it was a choice of the bride and groom but I don't want to bother them with it 3 days before their wedding.
Ack! I urgently need some advice! I am doing 175 cupcakes for a wedding this Saturday displayed on a cake dummy/cake drum stand. I just got off the phone with the venue coordinator to discuss delivery logistics. I assumed I would be setting up the cupcakes - advice from here on Cake Central is do your own setup and take a photo as proof! (Just like a wedding cake)   BUT the venue coordinator says they usually setup cupcakes after dinner, otherwise people will probably...
My "taste panel" find my smbc too greasy/buttery, so I'm interested in trying that ratio. Do you just add more sugar or the egg white/sugar mix or add icing sugar at the end? And when you add more sugar for kids cakes same question. I'm excited to try this - it may solve my big frosting problem!
I've also wondered about selling these types of cakes. For those who have sold these, it sounds like you have to do them in larger quantities (either year round or seasonally) vs. one-offs to make it profitable? Did you price them similar or higher than the grocery stores? Our grocery stores sell a variety (house brand, LaRocca, Dufflet) and even the better quality cakes are ~$30. With what I want to pay myself for my time there's no way I could compete with that price.
I echo your sentiments as well. It was so well put I have nothing to add ... except ditto!
I stumbled on - An online video class service from Paul Brodford in the UK and I'm curious if anyone has any experience/reviews of this website? I'm going to sign up for the free membership (why not!) and I'll check out a few of the free classes.   I buy a lot of Craftsy classes, but lately I'm not impressed with some of the classes - I'm looking for more pro level than beginner.
I have a tasting and consultation for my co-worker and his wife on Saturday who are looking for 175 cupcakes for their July wedding. Their colours are navy blue and yellow. I could use some held picking out 2 flavours of cupcakes.   They suggested blueberry and lemon to match the colours. Since the food will be more upscale, I'd like to combine 2-3 complementary flavours into each cupcake (i.e. not just blueberry cupcakes with blueberry buttercream). Also I know...
Thanks everyone
Hello fellow cakers, My husband and I are in Chicago for the weekend so I'm looking for any recommendations for any 'must see' cake supply stores or any really good bakeries I should check out - you know for research We're staying downtown and plan to go out to oak park tomorrow to see the frank Lloyd wright neighbourhood.
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