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aaaa fanks Apti !For all you Yanks shovelling sh..   ..... ooops SNOW  hahaha    today has hit 41 here - and the lead up to Christmas looks much the same for us.I can handle the heat ..... just go from pool to air-con and back to pool again...... just keep those bushfires at bay  :(Sounds like thunderstorm on its way ..... and lightning is NOT a good thing on super dry hot days 
PS  - before you ask....    you CAN substitute coconut cream for the cream in your ganache  :)
Do you not have have air-con?   I'm also in Australia (just over the mountain from you! IMO decoraters that don't have access to air-con are seriously hampered in our summer. A ganached cake once set properly can be covered in fondant and will be fine if temps are 23-25degrees   MOST Australians have air conditioning, even if it is only 1 room, 99.9% of cars are air-conditioned and depending on the choice of venue.... MOST of those are air-conditioned too. I know a...
You are forming your opinion on your LOCAL knowledge - and you WERE very rude - you jumped in feet first and showed no respect at all - you didn't question the information - just stated is was wrong!!  It wasn't !!  and YES you are MISTAKENI too, am an Australian and know for a fact that the isopropyl alcohol we purchase here through the pharmacist IS what is deemed FOOD-GRADE...... NO you don't drink it - nobody suggested you do.   Its main purpose in cake decorating is...
I know this cake (made in 2011) and the person who created it (Rouvelee) It wasn't done with the cutter above - it was done with a circle cutter - if you look really carefully you will see that the black is a thin layer OVER the white fondant cover - NOT the white petal shapes put on   You would cut a circle in black and cut off the petal shapes - leaving the centre - and then place on cake.   NOT a simple job - a tedious time consuming job with a GOOD eye for detail...
Inkscape is a free version of Photoshop - but youi'll still need to know what you are doing...... defiantely QUICKER to pull out the pencils !!  :P
Gaaaahhhhhhh - you are JUST jealous that you can't market these......   Snow jobs in Arizona???About as likely as SNOW jobs in Sydney ..... in summer !At least there isn't a big blow fly on it ....... or it would be a ..... BLOW job     
Flog 'em to the coeliacs........ they ARE gluten free !!
Patricia is going to Boston in February to teach this
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