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Because I am running around with my underpants on the outside and a cape !    hardly a rant  though  :P
Call me suspicious.... I am such a non-believer - I even went to check if YOU were real?   like NOT planted here to keep the natives quietHow come all your previous posts have the same mumbo jumbo...... are you an ALIEN?  or just the result of an unfortunate liason with  ??? ummm   who??OR has CC put a hex on ALL your posts ???     better grab that garlic necklace  !!   haha
You should offer to work for CC - you could email the book to people that HAVE paid for it ..... one page at a time !!   Still be quicker - I don't understand how they can stuff these things up - EVERY time !I'm even more surprised at how people are so quick to trust them with money
Is that it??????   months and months and months...... for that ?    DISAPPOINTMENT much !
We need you to post a pic of the magazine with you to believe that.... even then I'd b seriously suspiciousBut hey, if they got ONE magazine out - then everybody else has a right to theirs.... right????   and its not like they print them one at a time...... or do they?
Good luck with that !  you have a better chance of being struck by lightning
Making gumpaste roses is something I think you should WANT to master as a cake decorater -  I know people buy them but that normally happens when peope become so busy its just a financial proposition to get through more cake orders. Gumpaste flowers last for years - decades even - I always have roses on hand, as well as stocks of leaves and filler flowers - they can be coloured up to match teh colour scheme you need. I make them in the quieter times to spread the load...
Try changing your search parameters to 'Dessert Verrines"  OR  "dessert Amuse bouchees" There are literally gazillions of ideas out there
Here's a sneak peek of the video Want to see the whole thing - join here
Oh I know you will LOVE it  -  Jessica Pedemont travelled to USA and did a class for this Madhatter -  Jamie did the class and I know for a fact she paid LOTS more than this.  I know online will never take the place of a hands on class but for some people THIS is as close as they are ever going to get.Jessica is a super fun person and she is really thorough in her demonstrating techniques  - these are great videos -  I have done the original Planet Cake class - and think...
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