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Leanne W -  can you confirm whether or not it is OK to post info about Classes now?  
Don't get TOO excited Jamie - I bet she didn't mean for GOOD !! 
SO true - I have tried to say as much over the years -  People need to realise that you CAN make a cake that won't fall over, be lop-sided or collapse WITHOUT using SPS system.  People in all parts of the world do it on a daily basis.The 'secret' is learning the proper way to construct a cake - no stortcuts - no looking at a picture on Google and THINKING you know how it is done.  No substituting your latest mai-tai cocktail for the filling - no using cakes what are as...
Way to a man's heart is surely through the stomach...... but sadly they ALSO seem to place a lot of emphasis on the packaging!   hahahaDon't worry about what it looks like - take your top off when you hand it to him !!    bwahahaha
No need to leave it - you CAN eat it straight away (once cooled - unless you want warm broken bits to munch on)I think something got lost in translation when Aussies try and explain that a mudcake with ganache filling & coating can last 1-2weeks ..... and STILL taste great - doesn't mean it doesn't taste good on Day 1  :)You can slice and ganache as soon as the cake is cool -  often I will make the ganache whilst the cake is baking and it will be good psreading consistency...
If you change ingredients in a recipe - ie substitute AP flour for cake flour you will get an inaccurate result. Baking is a science - with each ingredient performing a function If you want to use AP flour - pick a recipe that uses it .... like Auzzi provided
Go with a good Aussie fruitcake       Made 100's of them There is also a recipe for Almond Paste and RTR fondant there too  
.... with a free set of steak knives  
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