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For me it is my Double Shot Mocha, A Double Chocolate Cake with a Double Shot Espresso Buttercream with Chocolate Ganache and My Orange Cranberry Cake, Orange Cake with Fresh Cranberries folded in and Iced with Orange Buttercream
you could design it like a basket with lids up. years ago and I am sure some still do women had sewing baskets to keep their yarn needles and hooks in and on the other side make it like a gardening basket with flower and a couple of tools spilling out...  the basket could be designed like a picnic basket where both sides lift up some... 
I agree crustdust but when I started baking and only for home and family I was a cake box baker (no internet like we have now in the mid 80's) lol. When I wanted to make my hobby into more i know that I would not feel comfortable using box cake. I have tried and liked many WASC cakes but when it is all said and done, and I say to someone I made that cake I want to know that I did make it. I will admit that at home when the Kids and the Grandkids come over and we want...
I was a WASC baker for a long time I also wanted to get away from the doctored box mix and went scratch... Here is a very very good Chocolate Mud Cake recipe with variations I found on line that I am willing to share....   Best ever Mud Cake by Kel11     Chocolate Mud Cake   12.3oz   dark chocolate pieces 8 oz  butter 20.2 oz water 3 eggs 14.11 oz castor sugar 14.11 oz self raising flour 1t. vanilla bean paste (i added) 1T instant coffee (i...
If I make a cake that is iced in BC and covered in MMF can it be frozen? Or would ir be best to carve and base ice cake then freeze and cover in fondant 1 day ahead?
That is a great idea SaltCakeCity
Design something like the old fashioned Cigarette box that Cigarette girls used to carry around their necks with Styrofoam in it to allow the cake pops to stand up.
Thank you all for the advice... because I did not have time to research this... It being last second and I am still working a full time job...  your help was greatly needed 
So sorry for the scattered way I posted this on was on the last 15 minutes of my lunch break when she text me with a pic of what she want and I was in such a rush I forgot to post the pic... I was going to do the can out of cake because I have never worked with RCT.      
also it will be iced in butter cream the can will be covered in MMF and it will be filled with buttercream... Sorry 
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