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Patrick looks like that Wonder mold to me - the one you use when you make a Barbie doll cake.  I don't like having so many different specialty pans but that doll pan has been used by me for many things that aren't a doll cake!  Of course, RKT is lighter and kids and adults love eating it so either way's good!  I'd def making Spongebob's nose out of RKT and use a dowel/fat straw to hold it in place.  Good luck! Theresa
Cupadeecakes - I've also been thinking about the cake.  The planning is equally fun for me for a cake like this.  And I oversize everything - so clearly I'm a hobby baker! (Which explains the 4foot long swordfish I made for my husband one year for his birthday! - I had to invite way more people over to eat it than I had originally planned) Theresa
That sounds like a fun cake!  If you want the whole thing to be edible consider a sheet of rkt covered in fondant or depending on your size, graham cracker sheets or matzoh sheets covered in fondant.  Whenever I have used that everyone always eats it!  Please post your finished product.  ps - use silver/gray sixlets for the pinball! Good luck Theresa
I hope it turns out good!  A bit off topic but I just came back from the Florida Keys and ate the most delicious dessert ever - BAKED ALASKA KEY LIME  (I almost drool typing it!) I spied it on the menu as soon as I sat down so I had a salad in anticipation.  It was beautiful, delicious and almost worth the trip back!  Whatever you make consider turning it into a baked alaska if even just for yourself! Theresa
I just stumbled upon the same "new and improved" Viva myself while we were out of town!  Ugh!
So sorry for your loss. Your family is in my prayers. Theresa
This is a wacky thread...and I'm happy for the laugh! How about a hearse with the door open in the back that says "get in"? or a "platter" of drinks that are labeled embalming fluid, the "drinks" can be mini cakes and the platter can be cake as well. Theresa
My sympathies to you and your family and hope your Dad is not in much pain.   I think it's a wonderful idea too.  I made cookies when my own Dad passed away, I just made his favorite for us all to enjoy.  You should do what feels right to you.   Best, T
This sounds like an emotional project - best to you and your friend. If you really want to go simple, how about a cupcake pull-apart cake?  This isn't mine -  I searched Google for it - but there are many more like it, you can make it as serious or cartoon-y as you want.  Make the head and tail to look like a swordfish instead of a fishbowl fish!   Theresa  
Glad I read this thread!  Apti - thank you so much.  I've used the clear rubbermaid storage box before but DUH I used it right side up - which is nice in the car but my back doesn't appreciate the lifting of the cake!   Julie - can you use the underbed storage size and, you know, store the box under your bed!  And keep your oversize pans in there when you don't need them!   Theresa
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