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You are all amazing. Thank you so much!!
Hi there,I have been trawling the net looking for a good formula to use for scaling up cake recipes. One formula I've found takes the size of the pan you want to use (for me this would be 14") and the size of the pan your original recipe uses (for me this is 6"). The formula is 14" divided by 6 which gives you 2.33. So you times each ingredient amount by 2.33.The thing is though, I've doubled this recipe before and it gives me enough batter for an 8" tin but there will...
I would use your giant cupcake silicone pan and then fondant accents to highlight the swirls on the top. It would be easier than carving I think.Buttercream would be absolutely fine to crumb coat it with.For the board, it looks as though they have take a snake of white fondant and a snake of pink and rolled them up together and then rolled them flat. Someone else may have a better technique for that though as I've never done it myself. For the bottom section of the cake...
Hi there - what about a butterfly theme? Not too old or young and can be as pink and girly as you like
Can you attach a link instead, perhaps?
Hi Victoria,Squires Kitchen in Farnham, Surrey has a lovely big shop with loads of stuff. Online I get a lot of things from The Cake Decorating Company and they also have a shop in Nottingham. Cakes Cookies and Crafts Shop online has some good stuff, as does Splat Cooking dot net - they have some of the most gorgeous tulip muffin cases I've seen.Loads more too!
Me too, every cake I do. Makes cleaning pans so much easier.
I don't use acetate when making cigarellos... I have a nice big slab of marble I do them on. No need to keep buying anything (other than choc) then, just keep slapping the chocolate on the slab. I'm curious about making them with acetate... will have to go have a look for that how to.
I think you should stick to your policy of having a non-refundable deposit. I would be very annoyed to find somebody had lied to me and it is their responsibility to read all contracts properly before signing anything. I would cancel the contract but keep the deposit.
Howdy - don't be too hard on yourself, I think you're doing really well. I am a complete novice too so won't presume to give any instruction but all I do is keep practising and things just start getting better as you become more familiar with the materials you work with and the designs you challenge yourself with.
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