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I think this depends on how much colouring you put in and also what brand you use. Americolor colouring gives quite vibrant results.
I think the silver foil liners would be much more suitable than the plain white ones - just gives a little hint of shiny shiny For decoration of the top carrot cake tier, you could cover it with sparkling white sanding sugar which would catch the light nicely. With a diamante brooch or something with Swarovski crystals? Or edible diamonds. Is there enough room between tiers to fix some sort of crystal beading border to the cake stand - that can look quite pretty...
You can get a glaze spray that PME does that gives everything a really nice shiny look. The pearl spray may make your hot pink a little muted and your black accents more grey... depending on how much you use I guess. I would go with the glaze spray.
I quite like the PME metallic lustre sprays for doing large areas. I find on the larger areas it helps me get a more even look.
Hi Danilou. Craftsy are online classes. More interactive than the usual tutorial though as you get to ask the teachers questions. recommended!
I've used them for a cupcake order before and found them to be just a bit too big so I just cut them down to size a little before joining all the parts up.Because of having to cut them down a little they did quite a bit longer than they normally would.
Just for a different opinion, I really like my Master Class cake tins. Although, I haven't used the Magic Line brand of tins so I may be missing out on something fantastic Might have to buy one just to do a comparison.
Another dedicated follower of Craftsy classes here - have found them very handy so far. I hope they continue the fantastic classes!I have asked for Craftsy classes for Christmas presents this year - cheap and extremely well received!!
Hi everyone,I just wanted to say I just hosted my first official wedding cake tasting yesterday and I am very excited about it all. The young bride and groom gave me lovely feedback and said they couldn't think of a thing that they would want to change and they were super chuffed with the cake and buttercream selections to choose from. I think I got lucky and got a really lovely couple for my first official wedding cake. They are having a vintage afternoon tea sort of...
For anyone in Aus looking for a really good box supply place that does a box specifically for tiered cakes, you could try this place: bought this box and loved it - perfect for transporting cakes of two or three tiers.
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