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I sometimes freeze them and then make cake pops or cake truffles out of them at a later date   :)
No worries!  Looking forward to seeing the end result!   
Howdy - I'd probably pipe in RI first in a light yellowy colour and then once it had dried I'd hand paint with edible gold paint.
FDBaker, would you mind posting a pic of how the cookie cutter ones turn out?  I'd love to see.   I'd be investing in the tiered pans - it would definitely save me time in the long run and I think it would be much less hassle than trying to fiddle around with cutting out separate tiers and making them all look the same.  I'd probably just cover with a pourable ganache.  Messy, but fun!
I would say PME pearl lustre spray for the bow and other white parts but if you spray the whole cake (monkey, coloured dots and all) with pearl it will dull the colours.  For the rest of the cake I'd use the PME glaze spray - just confectioner's glaze but in the handy spray can.      
I've done this and it's actually really yummy.  Chocolate cake, chocolate ganache (thick, pipeable ganache) filling, fondant covering (50/50 split of Belgian chocolate modelling paste and normal fondant so it has a lovely chocolate taste) and then a thinner chocolate ganache poured over the top.  I don't think I'd do it with anything other than chocolate though!  Learnt the technique from a UK master chocolatier so I'm assuming he knows what he's doing!    :)
What about refrigeration issues when delivering?  Some local councils require cake/food deliveries to be done in a refrigerated van or equivalent.  Does anyone deliver in a special van or have a portable refrigeration unit in their car?
Shona-Kay, I think mollineau is saying that when she went to the beach party the following year held by the same people, they had store bought cake again but once the host of the beach party tasted mollineau's cake they didn't want to share the lovely cake with the other party-goers, they wanted to keep it all for themselves.  And that lovely feeling was what started mollineau's cake hobby!   At least, that's the impression I got!
Can you keep it chilled until the very last minute before it has to go outside?  And can it be in the shade once it gets outside?
More than happy to help!!     I meant to say in my original response that on the table I set up I have a list of flavours set in an old photo frame on the table so they don't feel obliged to ask for just standard vanilla or chocolate.   I also have little wooden blocks that have been cut into coffee and dessert sized portions with 'coffee' and 'dessert' engraved on them in a pretty font - having something visual they can pick up really seems to help people when...
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