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I had the same problem. I purchased a 20 x 20 smooth tile from Home Depot for about $3. I glued shelf liner to the back of it from the dollar store so it wont scratch my table top. When not in use, it sits in the corner of my countertop with a bowl of fruit on top.
Here's a tutorial for cornelli lace here on CC: here's one from Wilton:!
Would love your pink champagne recipe! Would you mind sending it to me? Thanks so much!
I ordered some online after watching Sharon Zambito's buttercream video. I am SOLD and will never turn back!
I just started laughing out loud! You are so funny! I'm so sorry about the cake, I remember when you posted it.
I was watching Fabulous Cakes the other night, and the woman was making furry slippers and a furry robe to go with a bathtub. She used the bumpy side of a meat mallet on fondant to get the fur texture. She lightly and repeatedly hit the fondant. Seems like you'd have to have a gentle hand, though haven't tried it myself.
You're very welcome!
Here is a color chart that I found by googling "americolor mixing chart". or last time I tried to post the links it did not work, so that's why I included what to search.
The Winbleckers have a How-to video on their site for quilting:
Maybe you can IM the person who originally did the cake and ask them how they attached their pinwheels to the buttercream?
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