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When I need raspberry filling that holds up, I make raspberry buttercream (my fave BC with seedless jam mixed in). I know it's nicer to have 2 layers of filling but the combined flavors hold up better.
Saw this recently...
It's all a matter of taste. I recently did a test run of a buttercream recipe that many people were raving about and I absolutely hate it - I mean I will never, ever make it again! My family told me to throw the recipe away. Does that mean it's a bad recipe? NO! Just not our personal preference. If we all liked the same things all the time how boring the world would be!
I have to agree with tokazodo and lorimarie definitely getting a bit catty on CC lately! Rather unexpected and disappointing.
Shredded carrots are more like long strings while grated carrot is very fine small pieces. It also depends on the tools you use. the shredder blade of a food processor will create longer pieces and a microplane or cheese grater will make the smaller pieces. Personally I prefer the grated carrot but it is a lot more time and work to grate than it is to shred. HTH!
I agree that it seems like the cake police are out in force, but I must say that we are seeing more and more questions like "I did 2 Wilton classes and I am selling 3 cakes this month. How much should I charge? How do I stack the cake and do you have a recipe I can use?" every day.Frankly some of posts I've seen imply that their business practices are not up to what I would consider professional standards (I'm not trying to insult anyone here so please don't be...
scp1127 - Thanks for sharing this recipe!
What about doing it something like this pink on tier 1 with pink, yellow and green stripes and then using yellow or green on top tier. You could do the polka dots in all the colors. Then put the baby blocks on top to announce Olivia's welcome.
This is one of our favorite cakes! It is extra moist though so for carving you might want to cut back on the sure by 1/4 cup or so to firm it up a bit more.
I know in the Wilton classes they have all of the participants bring their own cookies and decorating materials. When the instructors do demos in places like Michael's they are not allowed to give out any of their decorated cookies/cupcakes, etc. to people who are watching. You should check with whoever is asking you to teach the class. If you were doing a "decorating party" in your home I would think it might be acceptable to supply everything.
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