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I use cakeboss, I love it.
I bake from scratch only.
There is a lady in my city that charges .65 cents per cupcake -_-  She gets quite a bit of business but she can't be making any money.
Not enough frosting on your cake.  You literally have to start out with A TON of butter-cream and with the bench scraper use very light pressure.    It looks like a combination of not enough butter cream on the cake and too much pressure with the bench scrapper.
I see this all the time in local facebook groups I'm a member of and I cringe when anyone recommends me, I know right away if I get an email or message from someone asking about a cake and they were referred from a local facebook group my prices will be "outrageous" to them.  I am by no means a Duff Goldman but I sure as hell will not charge $1 per serving, which is what most of these people expect to pay.   I don't really care about illegal bakers and bakers who...
How did you packaged this?  I like the idea of baking sheet cakes and using round cutters to cut small cake circles out and freezing them to have on hand for tastings. I want to do something like this but I am having trouble figuring out how to packaged this for to-go tastings. Image came from
Cost varies quite a bit depending upon the area in which you live.   A cake like that would cost more in San Fransisco than it would here in Louisville, Kentucky.   *I* would charge $4.75 per serving for it @ 62 servings comes out to $294.50, then I would also charge my delivery fee.   But this price is  based on cost of ingredients (In my area), the market in my area, and all that jazz.
If you use a mix it isn't from scratch, so I wouldn't put "scratch" in your business name, it would be a bit deceiving.  Keep the name simple, not too long.
What Liz said...When you ask them what their expectations are, it sounds like you don't know what to charge and are willing to negotiate with them...Instead ask, "What is your budget?"   Then go from there, if their budget is $250, say, "well for $250 I could do something similar to this that serves XXX." then maybe show them an example.
I like the idea of adding in other desserts... You could do individual tiramisus in clear plastic dessert cups.   Tiramisu is super easy to do and is delicious.
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