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Waiting for your results
I think these little circles are edibl prints
Thanks alot Adding luster dust is good idea
another pic I like i saw it somewhere in CC andI loved it , I am working in replicating it , the first and third tieres has golden layer underneath and I think the flowers cut out of fondants and connected by RI the second tier has nice shiney colorhow can i achieve the draping and the color
thanks narie alot , you helped me thanks for all posters
Thanks all Nari is this book have the irection to do such cakeCause I am waondering how the fondant roses are attached to the cakes through wires with different lengths ?
Hello I saw this pic before here in CC , but I forgot who did it , she did amazing work , I'd like to replicate the design for a customer ,so if someone knows who is the member plz let me know , and I will appreciate any hints how to achieve this look
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