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It turns out great Congrats
Did u use the pan that have that shape ? Or u carved it by ur hand ? Coz it looks uneven dimensions in the cakeIt will look good am sure
I obt use it any more . Dealing ith readymade one much easie
Rae can we do the same procedure to bc cakes ?
Ray u posts are always helpfulThanks
I think its wide strips very thin andattach it o the cake in circlesHope My thinking is correct
U have nice edges Al wondering why aold u have that . I alwyas use ganache to cover the cake with high heat and humidity in middle east with no problem but i use ganache as filling alsoI think u better use dam around smbc filling . So it prevents it from bulging out I hope I could help
Ths method is time saver I always do it
I used to stick the chocolate cigarolls directly to the crumb coates cake with corn syrup
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