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I asked the custoemr where did she get these photos and she said she took it from someone who sells these sweets in another city   I told here I dont have these , but Iam still curious what are these ?   mmmm .. I will try to look for plastic or silk flower and I will  insert small cup inside and I will see if it will work   thanks all
thanks I will google that   I will let u know if I came up with the results   thanks
I dont think they are gumpaste , i think they are paper made , Thanks for replying
Hello , I was given these photos by a customer , Please if u know where can I get these ? or what they are called ?   here are the pics :     thanks in advance
She has the right to not tell anybody about her business , its her business , she makes her best to let the shop work , so its naturally to not answer this kind of qs .
Looks nice great work
It seems good
Freeze it better after folding cling rap
I used to make mmf home , but its unpredictible outcomes, so I swithced to ready made its local product in our country
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