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Thanks all of you , each reply is a big help I will try it and let u know how it goes
Handymama i think ts mix of both , as u said
if the 5 petal cutter was used ,what about the outer petals ?? are they 5 petal cutter in that size ? or big round curtter ??   thanks alot ladies , you are very helpful
really is it a rose ??
Hello   I'd like to know the name of the flower on top of that cake , its nice , I'd like to give it a try , any tips are appreciated  
the non dairy whippingcream will do the job , its different than the normal whipping cream
why ot would be rude?? this is business field , we see it all the times where 2 shops sell the same stuff where they arenext to each other   I say its ok to rent te space if it suits you   good luck
thanks alot dear , I will try that tonight   yep , this mold styed in my box for more than year with no usage   thannnnks again
Do u dust the parts with corn flour so gp doesnt stick to it ? And how can use that with isomalt ? The same way as gp ? Ur pic us sooooo nice , hope i can acheive that
Hello CC,   I have bought thi mould long time ago , I though it can be used easily , but its not , I tried gumpast, sugar cast , isomalt and still cant get the result   would any one tell me how this is work  , the brand is decorelief , all the tips are appreciated , here the pic of the mould :     thanks in advance
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