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I contacted hr to ask her if i can replicate the design but i havent heard from her
Hello I have seen this cake and i loved it I,d like to replicate the flowers . Whar are the name of the pink flowers ? And are these 6and 8 inch tiers with double highet? Or 8 double hight for the top tier and normal 10 incg for the bottom tier ? Thanks alll in advance
I ave covered a frozen ganaced cake once , and the condensation appers on the fondant , I prefer u wait a little bit before applyong the fondant
Its look like royal icing piped in pattern
ur oven is too high , check the temp with oven thermometer , to make sure u have the accurate reading
I use SMBC whic is close to IMBC, I dont follow the amount of the flavour in the recipe , I keep adding the flavour until the SMBC has the tasty flavour I want, otherwise its all butter taste
thanks all , your replies are great elp
the customer has no problem , and I'd like to make sure te wasc cake will not dry out on counter under fondant and ganache , regards SMBC I know its safe , I tried let the smbc in the counter for about 4days and it was very good
Hello   I have a party cake for a customer  , she delayed  the date of the party one day( 8 march to 9 march) , I cant change my delivery schedual , is it ok to deliver the cake on (8 march )  and stayed in the customer house until the party time next day ?? there is no pershible filling and its smbc filing , the cake will be covered in fondant with royal icing decoration   thanks
Thanks all of you , each reply is a big help I will try it and let u know how it goes
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