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Hi Kelleym,   Thanks for this reply from 18 months back! I followed the URL you provided and have used the Cooks Illustrated White Layer recipe several times! I couldn't find the recipe so came back to the forum to find it and realised I hadn't thanked you for your help.   For the record, the recipe comes from here:   And in case it's delete from the site, it's here now...
I know this is a while back now, but I ended up just over-cooking my sugar cookie dough (still edible) and baking it on a flat tray with a skewer up the main stem.     I think the results were just fine, though I do wish I could have had more of a 3D. If you look carefully, you'll notice that the right-side one is fatter than the left. I baked two, but one broke as I added it to the cake so I had to quickly get the second one done. The dough hadn't been in the fridge so...
I'm making a reindeer for Christmas. It's about 18" tall. No worries there as I've made a My Little Pony the same size. But I want to make edible antlers. Preferably out of sugar cookies baked hard. Anyone ever done similar? My go-to sugar cookie recipe basically melts before it hardens, so the antlers can't really be shaped. If I can't work out how, I'll probably do them flat on the pan. Any and all suggestions welcome. Thanks!
That's it! Thanks .. thought it sounds scary. Guess it's worth a try.
Hey everyone,   Our local dessert god Darren Purchese has small deserts that are covered in a perfectly smooth chocolate frosting.  It's incredibly shiny (imagine a resin coating over chocolate!). You can see it on their blog.   Does anyone have any idea what this would be or have any idea how to achieve a similar effect?   The requirements: 1. Dark Chocolate (color at least) 2. Perfectly smooth 3. Incredibly shiny   Thanks! - Rick
Hi, I'm not looking for what most people seem to call white cake. I'm looking for a recipe that cooks is white-as-snow. I've tried various recipes, and used the whitest ingredients, but the cook yellow. I need white. Anyone have such a recipe they're prepared to share?
A couple of people have suggested this, but if you make it a policy, it may well backfire. Child are centers in Israel had a late pickup problem so they implemented a late fee. The result? Tardiness went UP. (You can read about it in the first cheaper of the book Freakonomics or here: seems that the social contract to be there on time was replaced with an economic contract. So all those parents who...
Ahh, "cards" is a nifty idea. I tried "cake" but got nothing interesting. Thanks for the tip!
Oh, but that's perfect! It's fun rather than macabre, and it pokes gentle fun at the family doing this. They'll love it!
I've been challenged to come up with a bizarre Christmas cake for a Christmas-in-July (in Australia December is summer, so some people do this whole mid-year thing so they get to have a "white Christmas")Can you think of anything bizarre to make for this customer? (can be 3D or tiered)
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