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lol you lot are bonkers! Nothing scares me.... not even commitment! ....I havent read 50 shades either..... I recon my imagination of what it might be about is more interesting than what's really written! Time for home after a dull meeting.... just an hour's drive and then back to cakes!! woop woop! (happy puppy)
ha ha 'Sheeple' too right!!
You could add into your terms tiddy that "cakes not collected within 24hrs will be donated to charity and your deposit will not be refunded"..... the delivery only tho is a nice way to beat them I work on a research farm doing trials for different feed, better housing, better husbandry etc and I have lots of final reports to finish for the funders but I just can't get into the rythem this week it's so frustrating, the others keep going all passive aggressive about me...
*I didn't draw this one just googled but it cracked me up.... feel like i should also have added "....then i feed it to my dogs!" ha ha ha Actually I hate being stood up like that so much that I am now delivery only, no matter what- nobody comes to my house for pickups any more. I added £5 to my base costs for all cakes to partially cover 'free' local delivery and any further 'loss' in time/fuel is vastly outweighed by the 'saving' I make in less stress
I'll have to get working on those!!! that would be a nice cheery lunch hour activity to distract me from this stupid place! hmph............. oh how I wish I could live on cakes (in all possible senses that could be taken ha ha)
Having a tough week in work but had to pop in with a pic for tiddys Fb Lizzy maybe he steals cakes/topper toys from his work or something and adds a few bits and bobs quickly? There's something strange going on for sure!
Mrs Gray knows exactly what I'm like she puts up with me very well indeed I do deserve a good eyebrow raise today though ha ha! Petitecat don't let her push you into taking the order if you're not comfortable, you can send her an eBay invoice to her email address, very easy to do, and she can pay by card without the £50 thing PayPal will take about 4% so factor that into your quote
...having a "shouldn't have said that" trip now! lol
 ....ripped all off........ covered in buttercream...... stop it Tiddy.............. Mrs Gray is sooooo gonna ban me from CC!!(just kidding nanny!)
 Actually that happened to me with a girl from the states and it was genuine although I was very suspicious at the time, it's because I have 'free local delivery' on my website and I guess she googled 'delivery' as of course that was her only option....I did inflate the price slightly to cover exchange rates, I got payment in full, I stated that the item must be signed for or a wasted journey fee will need to be paid before I attempt a re-delivery and I took a delivery...
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