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It's impossible don't do a Tigger ttfE tho! You have to pop in for a giggle now and then Did you see the bakers clan doodle... You were doodled juggling cupcakes in the back! tee hee you got lots of orders these days?
Ha ha me too tiddy! Have you any dummies to play with?? I Just covered a 6, double 8,10 and triple 9 square all dummies.... Hopefully I'll finish them by Wed
That's so brilliant tiddy I loved it - had to watch it twice lol i bet my cats gonna do that to me!Lovely cakes everyone! I've been busy room painting, lots to finish off before the place can go up for sale... Might jump back into cakes for a few hours now tho Maisie I've seen it done like tiddy said but with white chocolate coloured with petal dust, it gives a really bold colour but I bet it's way messier lol
I'm just doing an hour a week but I really enjoy it! I worked too hard tonight on boat though and hurt my tum silly boy
I love yoga Tiddy that is amazballs!! Totally love the gloop and the pants ha ha! And Jo your quilt is so perfect I love it! My can't live withouts are my are my super super sharp scalpel with a draw full of fresh blades and my fruit packaging sheets pinched from asda, lots of petal drying shapes there
Ooh maybe I should be a masseur! I keep a stone cheese board in the freezer for working MC on and a bowl of ice water for my hands to dip into now and then lol If only Mrs Gray liked caking... she has such cold tiny hands she's be great at MC flowers and people
Any chocolate is nice, in fact it's best to use cheap chocolate in my opinion as the sweetness and that slightly nasty gum taste of the SP spoils expensive chocolate
Once I tried the recipe in wicked goodies book it has worked perfectly every time for me! I think the recipe is free on her website?? I love the stuff but with hot hands and hot weather it's a pain, a real total pain in the neck and butt at the same time...... Tiddy it's very yum! I have to tell myself off for pinching offcuts while I'm working! have you a spare pannel tiddy to put on crooked? also if you wind very thin SFP round a pen you get brilliant springs for...
Quote: "Has anyone tried mixing melted chocolate into sp? Sounds like it would be lovely, but I've not tried it yet." Lovely tips on SP lizzy thank you, I'm the same, I'm enjoying SPD at the moment.... not one SP I've tried is perfect and magical but I think I like SPD best...... I've added melted choc a few times it's great! very messy so I found it's easier to make modelling choc and just knead some in ....back to my silly reports pffff at least I've a long weekend...
lol you lot are bonkers! Nothing scares me.... not even commitment! ....I havent read 50 shades either..... I recon my imagination of what it might be about is more interesting than what's really written! Time for home after a dull meeting.... just an hour's drive and then back to cakes!! woop woop! (happy puppy)
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