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Hello everyone A customer has asked me to make a pistachio cream filling for a vanilla cake in couple of days and I can't find a good recipe. I would rather have a recipe with real pistachios(not pistachio pudding). I am also not sure if I can find pistachio paste where I live. So preferably a recipe without these two ingredients!:) Thank
Hello everyone, I have few customers that are really fed up of the sweetness of fondant and the buttercream underneath it. I sometimes make a very low sugar whipped cream as a filling, but most of them like buttercream inside the cake! I have convinced them that there is nothing I can do with the fondant, but I really need a recipe for the normal(American) buttercream recipe with much less sugar. The Swiss Meringue and Italian Meringue has too much of a butter taste, and...
Hello everyone! I can't believe that after almost 2 years of professionally baking I have had this problem few times with different recipes!! Even the WASC, which is the easiest cake in the world!!   Ok so I follow the recipe exactly the same way that I have done the past two years, and all of a sudden I bring the cake out of the oven, and feel the weight and unusual heaviness...   And when I cut the cake, I realize that the bottom half is too dense, has a...
Anyone has a recipe for that?  Many thanks
Hi everyone I made the SMBC first time and passed all the stages and the end result was great! The second time however I made a mistake and forgot to change from whisk to paddle attachment. I passed the stages very quickly and reached a texture and taste very similar to SMBC. How different is the end result? Do you think I can still use it? Many many thanks
Thanks so much for the reply!! How could I know how much fat they have. On the one I have it's written 80% milk fat! is that it?
Ok, so this is the story! I have always used a specific brand of local butter for my buttercreams and now, suddenly this brand is Unavailable all over the city and I am stuck with Lurpak, which is kind of a danish butter!! I have no idea if Danish butter would work for buttercream and cakes!!! Any help would be appreciated!!
Yes have heard and read many places that the cake flour substitute doesn't work!!:)
Hello all, I have been trying to find a nice yellow or white cake recipe to be made from scratch!! All of the ones I found have cake flour!! Unfortunately, there is no cake flour here where I live! Can someone please give me a recipe for a moist and fluffy yellow/golden or white cake that's not made with cake flour?? PLEASE?
How should I stick the fondant flags on the fishing line?
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